Theo Tams – Therapy (2020)

Self-exploration is never easy and many people deflect from this by looking at the flaws in others. If you need a push for some self-reflection, Theo Tams has the soundtrack you need with his single ‘Therapy’. The song looks at taking responsibility and recognising our flaws and weaknesses. Through this exploration, it pushes you to accept yourself and provide the self-love that many people neglect.

The authentic and vulnerable track is the start of a new sound for Tams. After more than a decade, he is steering his musical ship himself and doing things on his own terms. Following his instincts, he creates an understanding soundscape that helps you chill out and turn your gaze inward.

‘Therapy’ draws you in with a bluesy guitar line that swirls into some RnB beats. There is a smooth flow to the beats that grip your shoulders and have them moving to the rhythm. The melody has an effortless flow that forms a solid foundation for the vocals. The music places you in a safe place for the exploration of the lyrics as they look at flaws and weaknesses. As the music flows against your ears, you feel a weight ease off your shoulders and the strength to look inward and accept yourself.

Tams’ vocals continue the RnB slide against your ears. His vocals are rich and offer a vulnerable edge to the lyrics. Through his performance, you can hear a yearning for help in accepting weaknesses as well as the urge to move forward providing the self-love that is needed. His vocals have a chilled edge to the smooth flow as he moves through the emotions of the single.

Theo Tams gives you the encouragement you need to recognise and accept flaws and weaknesses in the easy flow of ‘Therapy’. The bluesy RnB melody puts you in a safe space where you can look inward and consider what you need to move forward. Tams’ vocals continue to encourage you to accept yourself and provide the self-love you need to live life to the fullest.

Find out more about Theo Tams on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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