Jaw Talk – Fool (2022)

The ambassadors of 60s rock in the 21st century, US-based Jaw Talk brings a vintage sound to contemporary rock and roll. With tinges of soul tossed in their music, Oliver Roman (guitar and vocals), Mason Summit (guitar), Evan Myaskovsky (bass) and Lucas Bidran (drums) are breaking boundaries with the groovy tunes. I guess I am already singing some praises, but Jaw Talk has already turned heads with their music featured in TV shows like The Good Doctor, Shameless, Brooklyn 99 and The Good Doctor. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is the single ‘Fool’.

Following their single ‘What I Can’t See’, Jaw Talk adopt a slightly less mellow, more flowing sound in ‘Fool’. From the first chord, Jaw Talk tips you into a kaleidoscopic sonic whirlpool filled with soothing vibes. Guitar-driven with pounding drums, the melodic arrangement has a toe-tapping laidback style. What I find interesting is how each instrument is prominent but come together in well-textured and layered harmonies.

While the melody may differ from the heavier ‘What I Can’t See’, Roman’s vocals retain their boldness and hypnotic effect. In perfect harmony with the instrumentation, his rich tones enhance the wistfulness of the single making your heart soar. Produced by Oliver Roman, this natural talent proves he is not just a great singer but an outstanding producer as well.

Touching on the concept of love and romance, ‘Fool’ looks at the “honeymoon phase” of romantic relationships when you are willing to do anything for your partner. We all do crazy things for love and Jaw Talk delve into these feelings with personal narratives and poetic lyricism.

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