Couchsleepers – All the Best Intentions (2021)

There are times when you know you shouldn’t do something but decide to do it anyway. These moments of almost reckless jumping has been captured by Couchsleepers in their single ‘All the Best Intentions’. With an upbeat melody, they blend indie rock and pop to bring the feeling of reckless confidence to life.

Formed in 2019, Couchsleepers is less a band a collective featuring a range of friends, family and heroes. With songs that Harrison, the founder of the band, hopes brings joy and happiness they get you moving to their beats. Written and recorded in a renovated farmhouse in rural Vermont, the track is the third off their upcoming EP Monsters.

‘All the Best Intentions’ opens with a guitar line that builds a sense of excitement in you. The waves of sound have a freeing euphoria to them that makes you think of wind running through your hair and a blissful sense of freedom. Through the melody, you are able to capture that moment of reckless abandon when you feel all the chains that hold you down breaking away. This freeing sound is met by an easy flow of rock sensibilities that borders on the anthemic. The softly soaring feeling of the music lifts your spirits as you sway to the upbeat vibes.

The vocals continue the freeing feeling of the melody as they slide into your ears. The easy flow of the vocals when they enter has a gentle build in it that leads you toward the chorus. This is a wonderful way of bringing you to the moment of doing something you know you shouldn’t. There is a wonderfully youthful feeling to the lyrics which also shines in the vocal performance. The band is able to put a smile on your face as you connect with the single.

Couchsleepers uses a borderline anthemic build to capture the moment of reckless freedom that comes from doing something you know you shouldn’t in ‘All the Best Intentions’. The lyrics are relatable while making your smile and the vocals have a wonderful youthful energy. This works perfectly with the melody that sends you flying down the open road.

Find out more about Couchsleepers on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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