Cyragon – Hey Love (2020)

Over the last year, many of us have faced being separated from our loved ones. The emotions of this have been captured by Cyragon for his indie-rock ballad ‘Hey Love’. Filled with longing and the emptiness of missing someone you love, the music captures the void of loneliness and yearning that many have felt.

The fourth song by Oystein Alendal, the man behind Cyragon, it continues the emotional soundscape and storytelling he has woven over his past releases. The emotions of the single are portrayed through beautiful imagery in the music video produced by Vitas Vaičiulis. Filmed in Vilnius, the video brings to life the longing for friends and family who are far away.

‘Hey Love’ hits you with a sense of longing from the first acoustic guitar note. The guitar line is steeped in melancholy which is only enhanced by the drums when they enter. The beats have a sadness to them that makes you think of a yawning emptiness that will only be filled when with your loved ones. There are a few layers to the melody with each bringing their own sense of separation and the yearning this creates. The electric guitar solo later in the single wails with a mournful pining that fills you with emotion.

While the melody does an amazing job in filling you with longing, Cyragon’s vocals top all of this with a powerful punch of missing someone. His voice has a warm timbre which somehow makes the depths of the emotions in the track hit harder. The easiness of his performance has you soaring on waves of melancholy as he tugs at your heartstrings.

The music video artfully captures the yearning, melancholy and loneliness of the track. The imagery of Cyragon stand, sitting and walking through Vilnius on his own creates a lonely image. Seeing him writing the lyrics of the track adds a touch to the visual that edges the loneliness with a longing for someone who is not around. The creative use of imagery is able to portray the emotional depths of the single in the best way and through a relatable visual that hits you in the chest.

Cyragon fills you with longing and melancholy through the emotive layers of ‘Hey Love’. The single opens the void of yearning from the first moment and draws you further into the black hole. His vocals are warm yet filled with a painful yearning that hooks itself into your chest and tugs until you are inundated with emotion.

Find out more about Cyragon on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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