The Rising Waters – Trust Issues (2020)

Combining the intensity of The Kills with the intimacy of Radiohead, The Rising Waters is an alternative meets indie-rock quartet from Ukraine. Building a reputation for engaging gigs, having performed in Russia and Ukraine, the group create a swirl of sound with their beguiling music. With three singles and two EPs featured on blogs and online radio stations, The Rising Waters is making waves on an international scale. We take a look at their latest EP Trust Issues.

With five synth-laden tracks, Trust Issues reads as an atmospheric soundscape with a clever combination of synths and dynamic instrumentation. What I find interesting in this EP is the innovativeness and eclecticism of The Rising Waters with each single showing diversity and similarity in sound. From the electronica-inspired ‘Lqd’ and ‘Useless’ to the heavier ‘Cut It Out’, but with a consistent punk-rock “plink plonk”, Trust Issues can heighten emotions only to drop them in a swirl of mist.

Each track touching a specific perception of trust, the EP is not merely a haze of sound but also illustrates the depth of content. Ranging from the empowering ‘Cut It Out’ with a funky edge to feelings of self-mistrust in ‘Useless’, The Rising Waters reach into every corner of one’s mind to bring out the grittiness therein. What I truly enjoy is the siren-like vocals adding a touch of soulfulness to the mix of alternative-rock and 80s pop.

For more from The Rising Waters check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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