Track of the Day: Cosmic Sleepovers – Lights and Serotonin

Cosmic Sleepovers is the ethereal brainchild of University of Chicago student, Mason Wang. Embracing a plethora of sounds and styles, Wang incorporates elements of indie-pop with shoegaze sentiments. Light and Serotonin is one an example of his versatility and innovation as a singer-songwriter.

Growing up with The Beatles and playing the electric guitar, Wang’s musical inclinations were sure to be within the indie arena using a jangly-pop sound…this isn’t quite what he had in mind. While Lights and Serotonin has a leaning toward The Beatles, it is far more electronic Paul McCartney and The Kinks. The soothing combination of guitar and steady beats contributes to a swirling and tranquil ambience. I find lo-fi acts to have some distortion in their sound, but Wang’s warm vocals enhance a comprehensive style with wistful qualities.

“Sometimes memories don’t let go, but that’s alright because they are the greatest source of joy and warmth and light and serotonin keeps me on on nights when flickering… All the thoughts I missed that saw me when better times were coming, but my tries are all denied they fold like origami under overwhelming happiness.” – Cosmic Sleepovers on ‘Lights and Serotonin’


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