Danny Guinan – Ochón (2021)

With ‘Regards’, Danny Guinan delved into the temptation of leaving everything behind and starting afresh. With his new single ‘Ochón’, he explores the dark reaches of the soul and visits those places that we are usually reluctant to go to. Drawing on an experience as a young man fearing the cry of a banshee howling outside, he combines Irish folklore with captivating folk music.

While this single was written many years after the moment of fear in the dark night, Guinan captures the darkness and reluctance perfectly. The chilling cry of the supernatural sinks into your spirit drawing the tendrils of darkness out for a thorough exploration. Continuing his ability to dive into deeper understanding and meaning, this single will cement his place on your playlists.

The acoustic guitar that draws you into the opening of ‘Ochón’ has an effortless nature to it. There is a twilight feeling to the music that perfectly captures the moment in the dark night when you are woken by a noise. As the track progresses, there is a gentle breeze of sound in the higher levels that offers a sense of peace. The music is masterful as you are pulled into the folk tones while the gentle winds rustle the trees of the melody. The music balances on the line between a lament and traditional folk.

Guinan’s gentle timbre wraps a comforting arm around you as the lyrics bring the fear of a young child to your ears. The delicate balancing of the melody comes through in the lyrics as Guinan uses the folk elements to dive into something much deeper. With extremely engaging vocals, he fills your mind with the supernatural while delving into the human emotions of pain, despair, longing and loss. It is a perfectly balanced combination that really highlights his musical prowess. As he calls out on the chorus, he will send shivers racing down your arms.

Danny Guinan combines folklore with human emotions for the epic balancing that is ‘Ochón’. The melody brings traditional folk to a lament and something uniquely Guinan. His vocals are a gentle folk caress that pulls you into both the story that inspired the single and the deeper human emotions that truly touch deep in your soul.

Find out more about Danny Guinan on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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