Dave Huntriss – Dreams About Rooms (2021)

Dreams can be gentle and full of light, but they can also be terrifying, weird and completely disjointed. Dave Huntriss has taken a recurring dream he had in 2020 and turned it into his new and intriguing single ‘Dreams About Rooms’. Unsettling yet upbeat, the single combines all the mixed emotions that come with a strange dream that leaves you feeling lost, scared and relieved to wake up.

While inspired by his own dream, the fact that we all have had a similar nocturnal experience makes the single very easy to engage with. Drawing on melodic influences including The Cure and Frightened Rabbit, he brings something that is completely him to the table. With a writing style honed since his teens, he forges ahead with his own brand of woeful and honest music.

‘Dreams About Rooms’ has you floating on an easy melody through the opening. The movement of the melody is like the first fingers of sleep grabbing onto you and pulling you into the softness of sleep. The higher levels of the melody are all floating clouds of gentle dreams. There is a darker feeling in the lower levels but this has been handled with delicate nuance. While the thrumming of the low levels has a touch of black, they never overtake the higher dreamy tones. This is a wonderful sonic representation of the movement of dreams. There are moments when a more rock sound shines through the pop movement of the higher levels.

The unsettling aspect of a dream that makes you feel lost comes through in the lyrics. Huntriss’ vocals carry the same dreamy energy as the higher levels of the melody while the lyrics slowly pull you into the unnerving flow of a dream. Through the lyrics, he details the dream he had and the lost feeling that he experienced. This is wonderfully linked to a feeling of being alone which has been as subtly woven into the single as the low creeping darkness of the melody.

Dave Huntriss delves into a recurring dream and all the emotions this brings while touching on feelings of loneliness in ‘Dreams About Rooms’. The dreamy pop flow of the higher levels hides a darkness in the lower levels of the melody. His vocal performance details the dream while enhancing the dreamy soundscape.

Find out more about Dave Huntriss on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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