Josh Holmes – Can’t Stop Thinking About You (2021)

Already enjoying some experience in the music industry, artist manager Josh Holmes has embraced a solo career as a musician. Having performed with The Clinks, worked on tours by Take That and supporting upcoming artists, Holmes is ready to step up to musician status. Influenced by The Script and Shawn Mendes, the UK-based singer-songwriter has an upbeat contemporary pop style which he shows in his single ‘Can’t Stop Thinking About You’.

While Holmes may be placed within the pop genre, he has a true versatility in his musical style. Moving from the 90s ballad ‘Move On’, ‘Can’t Stop Thinking Of You’ is a harmonic melding of soothing melody with hip-hop edginess. The smooth combination of dynamic guitars and pounding drums, ‘Can’t Stop Thinking Of You’ plunges you into a comforting whirlpool of music; however, the lyricism tells another story. It is this juxtaposition between confusion and comfort that makes the track so intriguing.

Touching on elements of love, confusion, self-doubt and fear, ‘Can’t Stop Thinking Of You’ is a tale of “falling for a friend and not knowing whether it’s okay to take things further”. Using his heart-melting and rich vocals, Holmes pushes an innocent obsession into the track so you can really feel his pain. Recorded with mixing/mastering engineer Nicolas Castro and producer Alif Maulana, ‘Can’t Stop Thinking Of You’ is a sonic representation of youthful whimsy in a sophisticated way. Infectious, engaging and jovial, Josh Holmes has created an anthemic sing-along song that you will never forget.

For more from Josh Holmes check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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