Motel Midnight – Save Me (2021)

Motel Midnight filled our ears with a plea for closeness through the retro love song ‘Closer’. They are now using some high-octane energy to delve into messed-up relationships in ‘Save Me’. Touching on those relationships where you feel the need to help, change or save the person you are with, the band considers that sometimes you should just live with the person, despite their faults.

This powerful message that most people should listen to comes in the form of a seriously catchy track, packed with infectious vocals and nu-disco glitter. The upbeat and paced soundscape is sure to get you moving to their sound, while they spread some good vibes through the music. Tempering important messaging with addictive music, the single is one that you can listen to at any time.

‘Save Me’ has you bopping to the beat from the first moment, as the drums punch through your chest. The keys add to the beat and have your feet tapping to the sound, before a really groovy guitar slides in. There is a neon feeling to the music that merges rock and disco in ways you never imagined. The deep beats and retro higher synth lines have you dancing around, while the darker low levels skim the fluorescent neon lights. It is a very catchy melody that hooks you to the single and has you dancing around without a care in the world.

While you are bopping to the beats of the opening, the vocals are like smoky tendrils reaching out from the shadows. The lyrics move head-first into a messed up relationship, where you feel that the person loves you, only to be confronted with the opposite. There is a plea in the performance as they don’t want to lose the love they have. It is an interesting perspective as it comes from the person who is being “saved” in the relationship. The emotions soaked into each word are like a punch in the chest. While the emotive hits are heavy, there is a strangely good vibe that overtakes everything and fills you with the hope that the relationship can work out.

Motel Midnight brings a neon feeling to strangely good vibes, while tackling messy relationships and the idea of saving someone in ‘Save Me’. The music is a blend of nu-disco synths and darkly pulsing neon lights. The vocals reach out of the shadows and carry a plea that brings a sense of hope to the good vibes of the single.

Find out more about Motel Midnight on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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