Track of the Day: Katie Melua – Your Longing Is Gone

With over 11 million albums sold and 56 platinum awards to her name, Katie Melua is potentially one of the most popular pop singers of the 21st century. Combining her distinctive vocals with a seamless fusion of folk, pop and contemporary jazz, Melua slaps on a modern twist to the iconic sounds of Carole King, Janis Ian and Eva Cassidy.

While Melua was born in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, she relocated to the UK at a young age and grew up there. A random fact, but could be useful for those bar quiz nights. Either way, she began her illustrious career at age 19 in 2003/2004. At that time the folk/jazz sound was trending and Melua rode the wave along with the likes of Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse and Adele a few years later. As with these names, Melua discovered a unique sound and stuck with it making her one of the more influential artists in contemporary pop culture. The latest addition to her repertoire is ‘Your Longing Is Gone’.

A follow-up to the single ‘A Love Like This’ (which we reviewed here), Melua’s ‘Your Longing Is Gone’ is leans away from synth-filled pop and reintroduces us to her mellow, soothing and tranquil sound. Lyrically, the track is poignant filled with raw honesty and genuineness; however, it is the simplistic nature of the melody that truly emphasises the sentimentality of ‘Your Longing Is Gone’. Melua’s warm, bold and charming vocals are enchanting and complement the smooth instrumentation…or is that the other way ’round?

I probably should not admit this, but I find it quite difficult to review Katie Melua’s songs. It’s not because of a lack of words, I can be quite flowery and tiresome. The fact is her captivating vocals and charming melody leaves me utterly flabbergasted. Beautifully beguiling, ‘Your Longing Is Gone’ is hypnotic and I cannot get enough of it!

A music video was released for ‘Your Loving Is Gone’ and it can be viewed below.

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