DeCarteret – Sunday 21 (2020)

Combining her experience with unhealthy relationships and honesty with her bright vocals and groovy sound, DeCarteret snatches you up with her debut single ‘Sunday 21’. Teaming up with bricknasty’s frontman and Hayden J Barlow, she touches on hiding from reality, love and the disintegration of relationships. These topics are tackled through a stream of neo-soul roots and alternative pop.

While touching on personal experiences, the single is easily relatable. The depth of the single showcases the impressive musicality of each artist involved. As a first introduction to her sound, this single does a great job of telling you why you need to keep an eye on DeCarteret.

‘Sunday 21’ uses a fusion of neo-soul and groove to draw you into the soundscape. The flow of the opening makes you think of wind chimes gently tapping in a breeze. Below this tone is the heavy flow of the lower levels that add to the groovy vibe. There is a very smooth flow to the melody as it lets you slide along it, leading you through the careful curves of the music. These curves match DeCarteret’s RnB vocals and Barlow’s succulent performance.

The vocal performance is well blended and balanced between DeCarteret and Barlow. Her voice dominates the higher levels while he takes care of the lower areas. When they sing together, there is a wonderful layering. However, it is the emotional hit that you get from each that is really amazing. They are able to bring a lot of emotion to their vocals for a journey into the feelings and different perspectives of relationships.

DeCarteret with bricknasty and Hayden J Barlow push the boundaries with the neo-soul and pop sounds of ‘Sunday 21’. The unorthodox melody combines various elements to form a soulful and groovy foundation for the exploration of the lyrics. DeCarteret and Barlow shine with their vocals as they infuse huge amounts of emotions into each word.

Find out more about DeCarteret on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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  • October 9, 2020 at 11:21 am

    love it! thankyou guys

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