Woo & The Clouds – Can I See You (2020)

Woo & The Clouds are giving you a sense of closure with their single ‘Can I See You’. Touching on all those things left unsaid and the slow progress of forgiveness, the track is easy to connect with. As the sounds work to heal old wounds it also acknowledges that sometimes those old flames bank to embers that never truly fade.

Yirou (vocals) and Woo (vocals) met at film school then teamed up with Woo’s dad Philip Woo (piano) and his friend Richie Newman (guitar) to form the band. While the song was recorded at a family gathering and all about those burning embers of emotion, it has taken on a new meaning. Seen through the lens of the pandemic, there is a second way of looking at the message.

‘Can I See You’ draws you in with the gentle strumming of a guitar and some hazy vocals. Yirou’s vocals have a dreamy airiness that acts like a mist against your skin. She effortless wraps around you and takes you on a light dance through the clouds. Below her vocals are Woo’s backing which adds a depth to the performance. His vocals continue the haziness like the coming of twilight. Together they lead you through the lyrics and both sides of things unsaid.

The melody continues the haziness dreamscape. The guitar is a soft flow that perfectly melds with the piano line. The blending of these instruments adds to the breeziness of the track and makes you think about feathers gently wafting on a light breeze. Overall, the song has this light feeling that makes you feel that you can move on and enjoy the touch of the embers of emotions instead of recoiling from them.

Woo & The Clouds have you floating toward closure with their breezy single ‘Can I See You’. The airiness of the melody and vocals takes you into a dreamscape of things unsaid. However, you are left feeling fortified and sure that you can move on with the embers of emotion deep in your chest.

Find out more about Woo & The Clouds on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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