Delta – Oxygen (2022)

Beginning as an “outlet for exploring songwriting styles outside the box”, Delta is a boundary-breaking musical project from the USA. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of influences, the collaborative effort is somewhat undefinable – you really need to listen to the music to potentially categorise it. Yet, while one might add a label to music, Delta is not to be pigeon-holed. One of the latest releases in Delta’s repertoire is the single ‘Oxygen’.

An online collaboration between iNKOGNiiTO (vocals) and Brandon Neuburger (vocals and production), ‘Oxygen’ adopts an ethereal dream-pop meets contemporary pop style. Heavily synth-laden, Delta tips you into a swirl of sound within the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Rich, bold vocals add a warmth to the textured track breathing life into your soul (like it’s oxygen). What I find interesting is how the melding of Neuburger’s dulcet tones and iNKOGNiiTO’s soft backing vocals make it a chilling single.

While the vocal execution is soothing and smooth, the melodic arrangement is really what captures my attention. Flowing but intricate, there is a wistful haunting in the whimsical tune. Lying somewhere between contemporary pop and dream-pop, Delta has you twirling about with a hint of a smile on your lips. At least, these are the vibes I got when listening to ‘Oxygen’.

As with many artists, the lyrical content of this track is subjective. Music is self-expression and most musicians I speak to hope their songs resonate with listeners on a personal level. Delta shares that he doesn’t “…like to shed too much light on lyrics of meanings of tracks because I life listeners to be able to find meaning within the song themselves. Words can mean so many different things to different people.” Given that, I can only say that the track is harmonic and evocative irrespective of what you take from it.

For more from Delta check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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