Lucifers Beard – Shake on the Floor (2022)

Lucifers Beard brings the fight of control versus loss of control to aggressive and paced life with ‘Shake on the Floor’. With lyrics that vent some of the anger we all feel about the modern world, he unleashes some of the things we all wish we could express. Bypassing all rules and traditions in regards to genre and musical style, he crafts a song that is pure and relatable.

Chris Barnes, the man behind the beard, creates music that feels right and encompasses emotions and thoughts that we all have at some point. Using the influence of his favourite guitar-based music, he brings a boisterous sound that leaves nothing to the imagination about how he is feeling. If you are feeling frustrated with the world, this is the song you need to vent your anger and unleash your aggression.

‘Shake on the Floor’ hits the ground running with a punch and push of sound. The guitars are aggressive from the first second and vibrate through your bones, infusing their energy into your soul. The drums pound below them, adding to the aggression and unleashing of frustration that fills the vocals. At times, the guitars form a more melodic movement, while the drums stomp through the floor. When this happens, you can’t help but rock out to the sound and fall into the urge to turn the volume all the way up. While the music has an aggressive foundation, there is something extremely engaging about it. It has this amazing presence that fills the space around you even as you tumble through the changes in the movement.

As the melody rushes with its aggressive sound, the vocals rise from the depth with a great alternative rock flow. The layering of his vocals creates a crowd feeling to the performance which amplifies the feelings he unleashes. It also provides you with the knowledge that you are not alone in the frustration you feel. The lyrics are packed with relatable thoughts, emotions and questions that burn in your mind. As he unleashes his frustration, you are filled with the urge to unleash at the same time by crying out along to the vocals. While the melody flows into melodic guitar tones, the vocals pump their addictive vibes into your veins and bring their own melodic slide to the single.

Lucifers Beard unleashes frustration and aggression at the modern world through the addictive tones of ‘Shake on the Floor’. The melody is packed with aggressive pushes that flow into amazing guitar lines. The vocals let you know that you are not alone in your frustration while venting about relatable topics.

Find out more about Lucifers Beard on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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