DELUJN – Ride In Chains (2022)

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist John Sklove, DELUJN is a solo musical project with a ton of potential. Brand new and shining bright, the Canada-based alt-rock onesome was formed in 2021 with only one single to his name; however, this does not mean he isn’t receiving attention. From the European Indie Music Network to Tonspien, Indie Chronique and Clout, DELUJN is turning heads on a global scale. We have the pleasure of introducing you to this new artist with our review of ‘Ride In Chains’.

The debut single from this naturally talented musician, ‘Ride In Chains’ is described by Sklove as “an inventive soundscape of desert-dream-pop/rock”. Combining dynamic guitars with synths and drums, ‘Ride In Chains’ has a soothing sound with a tinge of psychedelic otherworldliness. While the majority of the arrangement is created with electronic instrumentation, John McEntire adds acoustic drums inserting an urban, almost obscurely percussion sound to the melody. It is through this mixture, along with his hushed vocals, that DELUJN highlights his innovativeness as an artist.

As if you are being tipped into a swirl of sound, ‘Ride In Chains’ has a kaleidoscopic ambience with steady, pounding beats. Slipping into your ears, the melody swims through your brain and slithers down your spine leaving you in a state of psychedelic bliss. Yet, while the track’s tune is definitely notable, it is the lyricism that engages with audiences.

Written about “the dissolution of a close group of friends”, ‘Ride In Chains’ touches on relationships, isolation, angst, despair and betrayal. DELUJN’s whispered vocals are strong and rich, but the hushed nature seems to encapsulate the melancholic message superbly. The emotion is almost tangible, and you can feel the ethereal emptiness in your soul. Sophisticated, polished and anthemic, John Sklove takes you through a field of ennui with ‘Ride In Chains’.

In addition to the single, DELUJN also released an official music video for ‘Ride In Chains’. You can view the video below or on his YouTube Channel.


For more from DELUJN check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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