Roos Meijer – In My Name (2021)

Inspired by a conversation with Julia Jouwe, an activist for ‘Free West Papua’, Roos Meijer touches on a few topics with ‘In My Name’. Through the folk tones of the single, she considers the hypocrisy of history books, optimism of young activists and collective accountability. As she touches on these topics, she walks a fine emotional line and brings attention to things that are often avoided in popular music.

With a profound yet understated sincerity, she gives a voice to the unheard people around the world. This single is the first off her upcoming debut LP which continues to draw attention to issues that are often avoided. If you are looking for music that touches on heavy topics with wonderful honesty and sincerity, Meijer’s music is where you need to be.

The acoustic guitar that opens ‘In My Name’ is gentle and settles in your chest with a soothing touch. There is a wonderful folk feeling to the melody as the drums come in to add an earthy vibe to the music. The melody has an almost meditative flow that pulls you into the thoughts of the lyrics. Each new layer slides over the last to form a river of sound. The soothing nature of the music has you floating on the river of sound before the horns call out to you. This is a really amazing melody that seems to be simple yet has a subtle complexity that keeps you engaged.

The soothing movement of the melody enhances the tenderness of Meijer’s vocals. From the first word, she takes on the heavy topics of the track while calling for us to all stand together and against the injustices of the world. The softness of her vocals can be a little mislead as she lights the fire in you to stand up while warning those responsible for the oppression. It is a very delicate and tender protest single that captures the mind and makes you want to take a stand for what is right.

Roos Meijer takes on injustice while filling you with the urge to take a stand for what is right with the delicate ‘In My Name’. The tender tones of the single seep into your veins while her vocals fill you with the urge to eradicate the injustices in the world. Through the single, she offers a sincerity to the plight of others while warning those who perpetuate injustice.

Find out more about Rood Meijer on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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