Track of the Day: Blake Collins – I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore

If The Beatles and The Kinks were to have a child and it was raised by Weezer, Blake Collins would probably be the kid. Combining his American and English heritage, Collins incorporates jangle-pop with indie-rock and pop-rock to make his own breed of, well, it isn’t quite definable. After a brief hiatus from releasing music in 2013/2014, the US-based singer-songwriter is back with intimate, passionate and toe-tapping tunes. Featured on Buzz Music, It’s All Indie and several online radio stations, Collins is reaching audiences on an international scale. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore’.

The third track off Blake Collins’s highly anticipated full-length album There’s Nowhere Like Here, ‘I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore’ is a step out of the 60s with full-on jangle-pop decadence. Highly reminiscent of The Beatles, the track is an energetic conglomeration of dynamic instrumentation and smooth vocals. Primarily a guitar-driven track, the incorporation of upbeat drums and underlying piano prompts a rather jovial tune. Non-stop bounce is probably the best way to describe this infectious banger of a song.

In line with the buoyant melody, ‘I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore’ is a song about self-believe, self-confidence and empowerment. Elegantly executing passionate lyrics and catchy choruses, Collins’s vocals are almost a carbon-copy of Paul McCartney harmonising perfectly with the spirited instrumentation. While The Beatles may have used four members to make their sound great, it seems Collins is The Beatles all wrapped up in a jangle-pop solo artist. His rich, bold vocals add warmth and passion to the captivating single.

The sonic representation of “groovy”, ‘I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore’ effortlessly takes you back to the 60s. I can easily see Collins playing in a Beatles cover band, but his original material is as encapsulating and soul-stirring as anything on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

For more from Blake Collins check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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