Doctor Payne – All the Same (2021)

There are many songs that deal with heavy topics to make them easier to handle. To ‘All the Same’ by Doctor Payne is one of them. A contemplation of death and the meaning of our actions in life, the single initially disguises these heavy topics as a love song. With powerful sections that stay with you long after the track has ended, this single is sure to get you thinking while leaving a serious impression.

Using a dynamic and compelling sound, Doctor Payne immerses you in his sound, while getting you thinking. Formed by Marlon Payne, this musical project looks to offer a moment of mental peace in the chaotic and turbulent world we live in. Packed with unique character and fresh compositional styles, his music hits in a really wonderful way.

‘All the Same’ opens on a powerful note with a push of rock tones. The guitars vibrate through the soundscape while the piano flows through the lower levels. The guitar drops for the piano to take over with a steady melodic flow. The drums hit you from the side and propel you into the heavy pound, while that piano continues on its merry way. It is a very dynamic melody that twists and turns through pop and rock tones for an exciting sonic journey. You never quite know what is going to come next, which somehow makes the single even more engaging. The crashing cymbals and thumping drums precede a soaring tone and the push of the piano. This push turns into a gentle glide back to the ground.

As the melody winds its dynamic way through your brain, the vocals bring a touch of retro rock to your ears, after a rather gentle opening. Through the opening verse you can easily fall for the disguise of the track as a love song, but this starts to fall as the single continues. The contemplation of life and death is masterfully brought to the fore. The lyrics consider the actions of life and draw on ancient religious practices to bring the thoughts of death. As the melody soars, the vocals call out to your spirit and will get you yelling with them. While his vocal performance is steadier in its flowing delivery, there is a touch of the dynamism of the melody woven into it.

Doctor Payne pulls you into ‘All the Same’ with a dynamic melody, soaring vocals and the deceptive lyrics that move from a love song to contemplations of death and life’s actions. The music has a powerful start before dropping for a tender flow, only to pick up again. The vocals are as dynamic as the music as they soar through you and effortlessly cast their spell over you.

Find out more about Doctor Payne on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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