Matthew Liam Nicholson – The Worm Turns (2022)

Using his single ‘Dusty Bones’, Matthew Liam Nicholson helped us come to terms with loss through a meditation on grief. With a touch more indie rock to his sound, his latest single ‘The Worm Turns’ is a luminescent anthem. Drawing on the bright energy of a new year, he dips into themes of endurance, trust, disillusionment and the trying times we have collectively faced as a planet.

As he moves through the light and dark emotions of the world, there is a reminder woven into the song. The easy flow of the music masks the ecstatic rock tones of his sound, while sweeping through us and leading our senses to the encouragement we all need during dark times. While primarily indie rock throughout, there is a touch of dream pop and folk that eases his unique sound into the melody.

The rolling light tones that fill the opening of ‘The Worm Turns’ gently take your hand and lead you into the single. The guitar calls through these tones with a haunting vibration that enhances the tenderness of the single. The bright twinkling energy of the movement has a light psychedelic edge to it that has colours wobble around your head. As the chorus hits, you are filled with a warm and euphoric energy that blossoms in your chest. The light that shines through your senses is rhapsodic and joyful. As you listen to the melody, you are filled with the sense that things are going to be okay in the future and that the darkness of the past will stay in the past.

The bright energy of the melody is taken to a new level by the almost dreamy vocals. There is a hazy floating feeling to the vocal delivery that makes you think of mist shining with the glow of the sun hovering over you. The lyrics touch on the negative emotions we have all felt in the past and sweeps them away, to be replaced with something infinitely better. While his performance is quite anthemic, this is more gentle, instead of soaring power. This does not mean that it is not as effective, as it artfully replaces the darkness in your life with the knowledge that things can always get better. It is an encouraging movement that is just what a lot of people need right now.

Matthew Liam Nicholson uses a dreamy indie rock flow to chase the darkness of the past and leave encouraging light in the wake of ‘The Worm Turns’. The melody is touching in its shimmering joyful flow as good vibes blossom from the notes. His vocals are gentle and tender, with an easy-going anthemic edge that soars through your sense.

Find out more about Matthew Liam Nicholson on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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