DOMI – Someone New (2020)

Falling out of love can be difficult to accept while the process of ending a relationship can be equally difficult. DOMI takes on these difficulties with their single ‘Someone New’. This Scandinavian-pop infused anthem considers these difficulties and encourages the other person to fall in love with someone new. Using relatable lyrics, the band captures the emotional confusion and anxiety of falling out of love and needing to move on.

The unique blend of musical influences swirls together for a complex and thought-provoking single. With members from three counties, they create a refreshing blast of Scandinavian pop, British electronic and raw vocals. High energy and striking, their music will stick with you for a while after you stop listening.

‘Someone New’ hits you with singer Dominika’s vocals from the first second. Her light vocals gently tap against your ears as she draws you into the single. Her performance is emotive from the start and infuses you with the sadness of falling out of love and needing to end a relationship. Her vocals pick up on the chorus for a blast of pop goodness as she encourages the other party to fall in love with someone new. There is a wonderful melodic flow to her performance that takes you through the ups and downs of the emotions laid out in the lyrics.

The flow of the vocals is highlighted and complemented by the melody. The light tones in the opening pick up the pace for the chorus. While the melody is minimalistic at the start of the single, layers are progressively added which is a great sonic representation of the emotions of the song. As more layers are added, you are presented with a rich soundscape that is full of conflicting emotions.

DOMI captures the turbulent emotions of falling out of love and moving on in their single ‘Someone New’. The vocals draw you into the single from the first moment with a smooth flow that is full of emotion. The melody resting below build in texture as the single progresses for a wonderful sonic experience.

Find out more about DOMI on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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