Box Time – In My Brain (2020)

Have you ever wondered what songwriters go through when they are trying to create songs? Box Time is here to give you some insight with their single ‘In My Brain’. The catchy track looks at the struggles and intricacies of songwriting and considers the self-doubt that comes with this. Through the music, you are confronted with coping mechanisms for this and the fight against a need for perfection.

This insightful single is brought to life by John Chamberlain (vocals, rhythm guitar), Barny Skinner (lead guitar, backing vocals), Paddy Chamberlain (bass) and Ryan Peek (drums). They came together to form the band in 2018 after having known each other for years and played together in the past. This single was originally recorded in 2018, but the vibe for it only recently hit.

‘In My Brain’ has a feel-good opening that hooks you with the textured layers of different instruments. The flow of the melody is gentle and you are able to easily dance along the rhythm. There are hints of different influences in the melody from current alternative rock to funk. They all combine for a captivating melody that hooks you with the guitars and sends you twirling into the soundscape.

Chamberlain’s vocals slide into the single like another instrument bursting from the melody. His performance continues the good vibes of the melody as he works through the struggles of songwriting. The lyrics calmly take you through the feelings of self-doubt and everything starting to sound the same. While his performance has a calming vibe to it, he is also able to infuse a sense of unease and nervousness into each word.

Box Time takes you through the struggles and fight against perfectionism of songwriting in their single ‘In My Brain’. The good vibes of the melody have you twirling to the rhythm while the smooth vocals delve further into the psyche.

Find out more about Box Time on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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