Driip – I Can’t Help It (2020)

Driip is a genre-bending band coming out of Boston. Ryan John Clary (vocals, guitar), Heather Banak (vocals, bass) and Lemmy Maldondo (drums) blend classic pop with RnB and hip-hop to generate their unique and ever-changing sound. Their latest track ‘I Can’t Help It’ continues their mercurial journey.

The song was written by Clary about his long-distance relationship. The title is a bit tongue in cheek and relates to how Clary can’t help writing about this experience. The track was recorded during the three months he was confined to his home studio.

‘I Can’t Help It’ hooks you with an interesting opening that is echoing, static and melodic all at the same time. This sets the mood for the entire song which is full of driving tones sprinkled with light drops of high notes. There are moments of forward momentum in the song that adds to the capricious nature of the band.

Banak’s vocals are a mellow tone over the melody. There are great harmonisations in the song that add a floating sensation to the performance. The vocal performance adds to the sonic tapestry the band is so good at creating.  

Driip continues to amaze with their mercurial sound in ‘I Can’t Help It’ full of mellow vocals and fluid melody. This laid-back track is easy to listen to and will gently lap against your ears. If you are looking for a song you can have playing at any time, this is definitely one to consider.

Find out more about Driip on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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