NKOS – Can’t Wait (2020)

Are you looking for a moody composition detailing a powerful atmospheric journey? Look no further than ‘Can’t Wait’ by NKOS which combines 80s new wave with contemporary filters for an expansive and seductive single. The cinematic quality of their previous releases continues as they wrap basslines and synths around your senses.

The deep and edgy sound of the single is a showcase of the love the band members have for this sound. Nancy Natali, Flavio Manieti, Chris Shape and Marcus Billeri bring their diverse backgrounds and influences together to form the powerful and harmonic sounds of the band. If their previous singles have not hooked you to their sound, this moody single will.

‘Can’t Wait’ hits the synth ground running from the first second of the track. The opening melody has these layers of synths combining for a rich and deep soundscape that flows over you in a very pleasant way. You are drawn into the band’s brooding sound for a little over a minute before the vocals hit. The depth of the melody continues after the vocals enter and have an almost shivery feeling to them. Throughout the single, there is a twisting vibe to the melody as it increases in power while twirling to a modern sound.

Natali’s vocals have a dreamy vibe to them as they hover over the synth melody. This almost otherworldly feeling to vocals adds to the brooding vibe of the soundscape. She is also able to add an expansive feeling to the music. It is like her vocals are reaching out to the horizon for an endless path into the underknown. This combines with the synth-driven melody for a cinematic retro yet futuristic vibe.

NKOS combines synths and dreamy vocals to form a moody yet expansive soundscape in ‘Can’t Wait’. The single draws you in with the prolonged opening before the airy vocals hit. The different elements of the soundscape envelop you in the band’s sound and will not let you go.

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