Ziggy Alberts – Heartbeat (2020)

‘Heartbeat’ by Ziggy Alberts is much more than your average breakup song. While dealing with the emotional hurt of heartbreak, the single looks at how love brings us together and offers a story of hope and trust. Touching on both the past and present, it finds that love is a common thread of all good things and offers a sense of resolution.

This optimistic single is an exciting glimpse into the tones Alberts has to offer with his upcoming album. His progressive journey has seen him conclude a World Tour and continue to grow his fan base. He has also been awarded ARIA Platinum certification for a number of singles and an EP.

The acoustic guitar opening of ‘Heartbeat’ is threaded with both a grounded feeling and optimistic vibe. The beat of the guitar-driven melody has an uplifting feeling that washes over you like the warm rays of the sun. This is fused with a light layer of heartbreak and emotional hurt. This fusion of emotions within the music is subtly done, but it sinks into you as you float to the music. The duality in the music enhances the multi-layered vocals.

Alberts’ voice is a mellow line that slides along the acoustic guitar line. The female backing vocals that enter on the chorus adds an edge of heartbreak to the vocals. As with the melody, the layered chorus also has a sense of hope and optimism in it. As the song progresses, there are additional vocal lines that come in to bolster the emotions of the track. The second layer of male vocals brings a burst of optimism. Through the lyrics, you are brought to a realisation that you can feel optimistic about the future even when you miss someone.

Ziggy Alberts offers a burst of optimism with a light coating of heartbreak through the lovely tones of ‘Heartbeat’. A different take on breakup songs, the single lets you know that you can look forward with good vibes even if you still feel the ache of heartbreak. The multi-layered vocals move through sadness to optimism while the melody brings an uplifting feeling covered in a light coating of emotional hurt.

Find out more about Ziggy Alberts on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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