Sid the Void – Trophy Case (2021)

The connections we have with people often feel like they will never fade but that is not always the case. This is what Sid the Void considers in his single ‘Trophy Case’. Through the alternative pop sounds, he looks at trying to hold onto a connection that is fading. While doing this, he touches on memories that you can’t forget whether good or bad.

To bring this slow loss of connection to life, Trent Alber, the man behind the music, teamed up with his friend Stravs. With Stravs on drums, Alber handled the rest of the instrumentation and vocals. Drawing on inspiration from a range of artists, he constantly plucks elements of new music to weave into his sound.

‘Trophy Case’ grabs your attention with a deep beat and slightly off-centre washes of synths. The interplay between the synths and the beats is wonderfully chilled and has you swaying to the rhythm. There is a silken RnB flow to the melody that is delightfully mellow and rich. You can’t help by sink into the lapping flow of the melody. There are moments when the keys step into your senses with a light tone that adds a new texture to the track. While the silken threads of RnB weave their way around you, the depths of the melody have a melancholic feeling. This brings the slow loss of connection to the music in the most sublime manner.

While you sink into the movement of the melody, Alber’s vocals soulfully capture you. His voice has a velveteen flow that is seductive in its soulfulness. While the vocals enthral you, the lyrics open up about the loss of connection. There is a pained loneliness woven in the smooth vocals as he pleas for someone he knows to reach back. This is highlighted by the melancholy of the melody. Everything comes together wonderfully and weaves a deep tale around your senses.

Sid the Void slide soulfully into your ears for a melancholic tale of losing connection with someone you care about in ‘Trophy Case’. The melody has a chilled vibe with a touch of RnB while the low levels drip with the sadness of connections lost. Alber’s vocals are smooth and enthralling as he lays it all on the line while reaching for the person moving away.

Find out more about Sid the Void on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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