Ellyn Woods – Tangerine (2020)

Most people have experienced that feeling of being both excited and nervous. This sceptical optimism is the basis of Ellyn Woods debut single ‘Tangerine’. Using some interesting indie-pop textures, she considers that good vibe that you still end up questioning.

A multi-instrumentalist, Woods draws on her love of nature and environment to create songs that are vulnerable and raw. Using her natural gift for storytelling, she takes you on a pop journey unlike what you have heard from her in the past. While she has released singles on her own and with a range of collaborators, this single is a captivating turning point.

‘Tangerine’ has these deep beats that grab you from the first moment. The melody has a number of layers that meld to form the gently driving pop base of the song. The bass forms the foundation as the light twinkling synths take your hand and lead you toward the heavier hits. The melody really picks up for the chorus with notes hitting you from all sides.

As the melody forms the pop path of the track, Woods’ vocals are like light falling through the trees and lighting the path. She has this dream-pop vibe to her vocals that seem to float above you while wrapping you in their softness. As the song hits this flowing and gentle section, her vocals get this airiness to them that lightly lulls you into a haze. The combination of elements on this song perfectly forms the good vibes with something nervous lurking around. The melody has this excitement to it, while Woods’ vocals feel like they are holding back and questioning the excitement.

Ellyn Woods perfectly captures the feeling of excitement mixed with a nervous apprehension in her single ‘Tangerine’. The rich pop textures of the melody build up the excitement while her airy vocals seem to hold you back.

Find out more about Ellyn Woods on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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