Jordan Murray – Bright Lights (2020)

While Jordan Murray is no newcomer to the music scene, ‘Bright Lights’ is his first studio release in a while. When the pandemic hit, Murray seized the opportunity to get down to business in the studio and write new songs for the first time in 5 years. This single is the first from the new batch and has already taken the scene by storm.

It is also the first release off his upcoming EP which is due early next year. Hitting you with a range of emotions, this single is a great introduction to his talent if you have never had the pleasure of hearing him before.

‘Bright Lights’ draws you in with this light twinkling melody. This gives you the imagery of lights twinkling in the night. The piano line is wonderfully soft against your ears while the shuffling percussion forms this lower level. The easy nature of the melody continues throughout the song but does have a slight swell on the chorus.

While the music is very engaging, it is Murray’s vocals that really make the single. His vocals come in smoothly over the twinkling melody. There is a softness to his performance that makes it easy to listen to. He is also able to put so much emotion into his performance which soaks into you and leaves you floating. There is a wonderful folk-rock vibe to this song that you can’t help but get lost in. If this song were to play on the radio, you would definitely turn it up and move your head to the beat.

Jordan Murray captivates you with his smooth vocals and the twinkling melody of ‘Bright Lights’. The single has an easy vibe to it but is also so full of emotions. The track stands well on its own and as a taster for his upcoming EP, it leaves you wanting more.

Find out more about Jordan Murray on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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