M. Illa – Rewind (2021)

There are times when both parties want a relationship to work and to not end but can’t seem to make it work. This is something that M. Illa has experienced and works through in his single ‘Rewind’. Packed with not wanting the relationship to reach the point of breaking but also feeling that there is not enough time to work things out, the track brings high energy to soulful vibes.

While you might know Mykel Illa, the man behind the music, as the bassist and vocalist of Delta Avenue, his solo music hits in a different way. Through his solo work, he creates music that reaches out to people through a sharing of relatable experiences. With infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics, he has you grooving to his vibe and connecting with the story.

The soulful smoothness of Illa’s vocals open ‘Rewind’ and grab your attention. There is a wonderful flow to his performance that has your head moving to the rise and fall of his voice. He is able to pack so much emotion into the lyrics as he tugs at your heart. There is a touch of pain that weaves around a wistful wish for more time. As the song progresses, his voice gets a hint of acceptance of what is happening. The lyrics are so easy to fall into as they touch on relatable emotional points that you can connect with whether you have felt them or not. They are also ridiculously catchy and really get stuck in your head.

Under the soulful vocals, there is a clicking contemporary movement that slides against the lower levels of the vocals. The energy of the melody picks up with a pulse of strings that is utterly wonderful. There is a brightness to the music that is delightfully at odds with the pain and sadness of the lyrics and vocals. This contrast only makes the single more captivating and helps the lyrics stick in your brain. Late in the single, there is a guitar riff that rises from the depths of the strings which just tops everything off perfectly.

M. Illa contrasts a pulsing melody with pain-filled and heartfelt vocals for the captivating flows of ‘Rewind’. Illa’s vocals are steeped in emotion from pain to sadness and understanding of the situation while wistfully dreaming of having more time. This is bounced off a melody that swells with strings and stirs with a rather epic guitar riff that helps the track stick in your brain for hours.

Find out more about M. Illa on his Instagram and Spotify.

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