The Super Late Night – Falling Asleep (2020)

Based in Manchester, England, The Super Late Night is an eclectic one-man band producing a genre-bending fusion of indie-pop, emo and alt-pop. Formed in 2020, TSLN may be seen as a relatively new act; however, he has no sign of slowing down after his two well-received tracks released earlier this year. Building a reputation for engaging music, along with a growing following, this singer-songwriter and producer is making a name for himself on a local and international scale.

Following debut single ‘Honey’ and sophomore single ‘If Not Now, Then When?’ (which we reviewed here), TSLN releases his third single of 2020 ‘Falling Asleep’. Slower and steadier, but just as overwhelmingly emotional, ‘Falling Asleep’ takes you through decades of genres in just under four minutes.

Combining synth-driven pop with indie-rock guitars and RnB rhythms, The Super Late Night shows his versatility as an artist. While the instrumentation is dynamic, the Manchester-accented vocals are the true star. The simplicity and clarity of the effortless vocals enhance, along with euphoric synths, the impassioned desperation of ‘Falling Asleep’.

An emotional arrow straight through the heart, ‘Falling Asleep’ is innovative, sentimental, honest and serene. Already noted as one to watch in 2020, this new track pushes The Super Late Night as not only one to watch, but also one of my favourites for 2020 and 2021.

For more from The Super Late Night check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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