Kayli Sousa – Pretty Baby (2020)

There are times when a relationship is doomed from the start and staying is the wrong route. If you are looking for a song that embodies this, ‘Pretty Baby’ by Kayli Sousa just might be what you are looking for. While the interpretation of the single could be up for debate, the core message of the track is to not waste a second of your life in a bad relationship. Staying just for the sake of being in a relationship is opening yourself up to toxicity and closing the door on other opportunities.

This heavy topic is carried on the back of Sousa’s vibrant musicality. She transports you to sunset soaked scenery with elegance and style. Her style has been honed over a number of years as she started writing and recording her own songs as a little girl. She is now ready to captivate the world.

‘Pretty Baby’ opens with this funky and upbeat melody that you can’t help but move to. The beat has this bossa nova vibe to it that sweeps you away to sun-warmed beaches. The shuffling percussion of the melody is easy to get lost in as it envelopes you in this lively sound. However, while lively, there is also something very easy to the melody that is so relaxing.

As you move to the beat, Sousa’s vocals wash over you like the ocean gently lapping at your feet as you walk about the beach. There is an airiness to her vocals that elevate the mood of the single. Her performance is unbelievably controlled as she draws you into the lyrics while transporting you.

Kayli Sousa transports you to sun-soaked beaches with her bossa nova inspired single ‘Pretty Baby’. The engaging beat has you moving to the music while her vocals sweep over you like a gentle sea breeze. This is a very relaxed single that you can easily have playing at any time while you have some fun.

Find out more about Kayli Sousa on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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