Roxanne Kelly – Goodbye to You (2020)

Roxanne Kelly is continuing the story started with her debut single ‘Dangerous Love’. ‘Goodbye to You’ picks up where the last left off as it explores becoming your own person after letting go of the negatives of life. Through the music, she looks at standing independently and shrugging off the last bits of the destructive elements in life.

Drawing on her upbringing and culture, she adds a distinctive flair to her sound as she lets you know that it is okay to put yourself first. While her melodic arrangements are gospel-inspired, there is an exploration into different stylings clearly heard on this single. A full-band sound and a hefty helping of sass are added to these arrangements for an uplifting single.

The full band stylings of the melody hit you from the first moment of ‘Goodbye to You’. The piano line in the low levels of the melody has a very gospel feel yet offers an almost funky vibe. The melody swings from gospel organs to soulful beats melding for an utterly enjoyable listening experience. There is a lot of power resting in the melody that bolsters the flow of the vocals. You can’t help but start to move to the melody as the different layers wash over you.

While the melody is engaging, it has nothing on Kelly’s vocals. Her voice is so powerful on the chorus as it sends you soaring on soulful waves. You can hear the gospel-inspired stylings with her vocals, but there is something more to it. Through the power of her voice, she effortlessly fills you with the strength to move on from the destructive elements of your life. Lurking in the lower levels of her vocals is this wonderful sass that makes you smile without being overpowering.

Roxanne Kelly uses a gospel-inspired soundscape to fill you with power and strength in ‘Goodbye to You’ so you can move on with life. Her vocals steal the show on this single as she powers over the full band with a soulful edge and a hint of sass. The melody bolsters the vocals as the layers combine for a full sound.

Find out more about Roxanne Kelly on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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