Fearn ft Lorphe – Lake Annecy (2022)

Some people find that falling in love can feel like slipping into warm water, as the emotion soothes and relaxes you. This sensation has been picked up by Fearn and turned into his single ‘Lake Annecy’. To bring the feeling of love and the sense of closeness you feel to the person, he has teamed up with singer Lorphe.

Combining indie-folk and contemporary pop, Fearn not only draws on emotions, but the inspiration offered by the great outdoors. With his moniker taken from the Gaelic word for Alder tree, he brings the strength, compassion and generosity of nature to the flow of his music. While the musical project is a solo effort, he has previously worked in collaborative and band settings. The skills and abilities honed over time enhance the collaborative touch of this single.

The shuffled tapping of the drums in the opening of ‘Lake Annecy’ meets the rippling light tones. The rippling tones create the watery feeling of the track that flows into the strings. There is a really light and tender feeling to the music. As the layers of tender instrumentation come together, they form a warm sensation that rests on your skin and pulls you into a loving embrace. The orchestral notes are rich, yet dreamy, and have you floating down the soundscape as the overall warm soothes your soul. It is a melody that is so easy to listen to and it picks you up, puts you on a soft cloud and releases all the tension you have in your muscles.

While you are floating in the warm embrace of the melody, Lorphe’s vocals drift through the soundscape like cloudy wisps of light. Her voice enhances the relaxed feeling of the music, while the lyrics fill your chest with the bright warmth of love. Through her performance, she brings the delicate poetry of the lyrics to life and stokes the embers of love that rest in your chest. Her voice forms the warmth in the watery soundscape that makes you want to stay in place and draw closer to the person you love. While the melody has a very folky touch to it, her voice brings a touch of soulful pop.

Fearn teams up with Lorphe to flame the warm embers of love in your chest, through the floating delicacy of ‘Lake Annecy’. The melody has a watery ripple that leads you to a floating softness that fills you with warmth. This warmth continues through Lorphe’s vocals that wisp across the soundscape.

Find out more about Fearn on his Instagram and Spotify.

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