Murnau – Baltic Sea (2022)

Formed almost two decades ago, Murnau is a grunge meets metal meets alternative rock duo based in the USA. Playing in bands together since high school, Alex Riggen (guitars, vocals and keys) and Nick Pompou (drums) could be considered veteran musicians…if veteran is about two decades. Either way, their sound has a contemporary edginess laid atop old-school grunge, rock and post-punk. Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Thoughts Words Action, Roadie Music, European Indie Music and Edgar Allan Poets, the pair are gaining international acclaim throughout the blogosphere. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Baltic Sea’.

Following the critically acclaimed track ‘Dalia’, ‘Baltic Sea’ is a hard-hitting blast of 90s grunge. In the vein of Nirvana and Katatonia, there is a grittiness to the distorted but at the same time flowing melody. Pounding drums are accompanied by dynamic guitar riffs tipping you into a whirlpool of insatiable sound. Crescendos from bold guitar to catchy choruses, but with an air of obscurity, Murnau slide along the cinematic soundscape. Like Nirvana and Radiohead, you seem to lose yourself in the kaleidoscopic ambience and hazy vibes.

Sending you twirling about with your eyes closed, Murnau know how to captivate a person’s senses; however, it is the lyricism that showcases their depth. Cheerful in a fuzzy way, there is a soothing element to this love song. Murnau explains that while the track is open to interpretation, it’s “a love song about being somewhere together.” One can easily feel the intimacy of the track, as well as the intensity of its sentimentality.

Not easily described, although I tried my best above, ‘Baltic Sea’ has an airy vibe about it with a heaviness in its honesty. Like most grunge bands, you can feel yourself twirling about to the swaying vibes. Insatiable, intense and intoxicating, ‘Baltic Sea’ is one song I’ll have on repeat.

In addition to their single, Murnau released an official music video for ‘Baltic Sea’. You can view the video below or on their YouTube channel.

For more from Murnau check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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