The McKenzie FIX – The Shining (2020)

Taking a step away from the reflective tone of his debut single, The McKenzie FIX is hitting out with some synth-pop sounds. The new single ‘The Shining’ uses a new sonic palette for lead singer Ewan McKenzie to express himself. Preceding the debut album Pandora’s Box, this single whets your appetite for their eclectic mixture of sounds and leaves you wanting more.

While you might remember McKenzie as the frontman of Emporium, his new music is an alternative kick that gets you hooked on his storytelling. Using a combination of sparse instrumentation and thoughtful vocals, he creates elegantly crafted tales that you will not forget any time soon.

‘The Shining’ hits you with these beat that grabs you for a second before you are thrown into the synths. The synth-driven melody creates a kaleidoscope of sounds as they undulate below the vocals. The beat from the starting seconds makes a comeback and is accompanied by crashing cymbals. There is an almost mystical vibe to this melody like there is something otherworldly behind it.

McKenzie’s vocals are a mesmerising layer above the synths. There is a haziness to his performance at times like you are hearing it through a thick fog. This haunting vibe adds to the general mysticism of the track. Overall, there is a timeless sense to this song. It has a familiar feeling to it, but at the same time, you know that this is something new. It is also ridiculously infectious as the soundscape burrows into your brain and sticks there for a long time.

The McKenzie FIX mesmerises you with the mystical vibes of the synth-driven ‘The Shining’. The synths have a light tone to them, but they also have a depth like they are coming from another dimension. The vocals are hazy at times adding to the timelessness of the track.

Find out more about The McKenzie FIX on his website, Facebook and Spotify.

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