Flo Perlin and Pilgrims’ Dream – Life Lives Inside (2020)

Flo Perlin and Pilgrims’ Dream take a trip into metaphors for their first collaborative single ‘Life Lives Inside’. Telling the story of an evolving connection between a person and bird out at sea, the single uses the metaphor to delve into the importance of connections. A reflection on uncertain times and how connections can ground us while we drift in the unknown, the duo gets you thinking while enjoying their soundscape.

The duo met at an open mic night 5 years ago and found meaning through their friendship. This connection is reflected in the music they create together and melds their musical influences. Having found success individually, they are here to transport you into their connection with their collaborations.

The gentle piano line that opens ‘Life Lives Inside’ sets a floating tone for the single. This melds with the deeper tones to match the vocals and harmonisations. There is a swirling feeling to the melody with a deeper sense of darkness resting in the lower levels. After the chorus, there are lightly swelling notes that further enhance the vibe of the melody. While the melody can be sobering, there is something hopeful threaded into the notes that quietly creeps into your sense.

As the melody sets you adrift on a gentle sea of sound, the vocals enthral you with their story. Perlin’s vocals are a light breeze against your ears as she takes you soaring through the sky. Pilgrims’ vocals add a depth to the harmonisations creating a wonderful two-sided tale. As you drift on the currents of Perlin’s vocals, you get lost in the tale of the lyrics. As the song progresses, you can feel the reflective tone and understand that there is something more to the song than first meets the ear.

Flo Perlin and Pilgrims’ Dream use metaphors, swirling soundscapes and drifting vocals to enthral in ‘Life Lives Inside’. The melody has you drifting to its flow while the vocals send you into the tale of the lyrics. Through the performance, you can feel the reflective vibes and get lost in the deeper meaning of the lyrics.

Find out more about Flo Perlin and Pilgrims’ Dream on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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