Bogislaw – Ariel (2020)

Are you looking for a song that offers an unusual pop sound while plunging you into atmospheric and dreamy vibes? Bogislaw might just have what you need with their latest single ‘Ariel’. The original sound the band creates is a refreshing breath of free expression. Drawing on inspiration from bands such as Radiohead, Massive Attack and Moderat, they explore their own style for a sonic treat.

Johanne Rissler (vocals), Christopher Klatt (guitar, synth), Philipp Korn (bass) and Jonas Schneider (drums) met in the underground scene of Leipzig in 2012. Since then, they have been crafting their sound and melding their musical inspirations. As part of their first home-produced EP, this single will get you hooked to their unique sound.

‘Ariel’ opens with an ambient soundscape with a few melodic elements making their presence known. This gives way to a synth-filled soundscape that undulates against your senses. There is an easiness to the melody that you can flow with. The rise and fall of the melody draws you further into the song. The almost industrial sounding tones in the background of the track offer a unique lower level to the melody that you don’t often hear. The lightness of the melody remains for the entire song to create an atmospheric pocket of sound that you are enveloped in.

Rissler’s vocals add a dreamy layer to the single. His performance has a light haziness to it turning it into a cottonwool soft layer that you can easily rest on. The flow of his vocals smoothly melds with the melody for a solid sonic experience. There is an amazing interplay between the vocals and melody as you are traded from one to the other as you ride the gentle swells of the music.

Bogislaw lightly draws you into an atmospheric pocket of sound with an expansive melody and dreamy vocals in ‘Ariel’. The gentle flow of the melody lulls you into the soundscape while the vocals wrap around you like a plush blanket.

Find out more about Bogislaw on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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