Forgotten Garden – Broken Pieces (2020)

Bad relationships and the breakdown of any relationship have been the focus of songwriters for years. Forgotten Garden are no different and this is the basis of their latest EP Broken Pieces. Through the four tracks on the EP, they work through different stages of bad relationships and breakups. This tale is told to the sound of thundering basslines and synth hooks.

Ines Dias Rebelo (vocals) and Danny Elliott (guitar, bass, keyboards) work together to get you to the point of a new understanding. While the world was in lockdown, the pair started brewing this EP that has the flavour of a much earlier time. Drenched in 80s sounds, the EP has a taste of The Cure with a pinch of modern salt.

The EP opens with ‘Snowflakes’ uses a dancing synth line to draw you into the vibe of the track. This eases into Rebelo’s haunting vocals. Her voice is a light touch on your ears and sweeps you into the tale of a relationship breakdown. There is a gentleness to the track that is quite interesting as you are drawn into the flow of the melody. The vocals have a matter of fact delivery without the sadness or longing for better days you might expect.

‘Cage of Hurt’ has a different vibe to it which is highlighted by the opening synth tones. There is more twang to this song and a darker sound which matches the messaging. The melody of this track has more of a guitar-drive than the last and the harmonised vocals swing the vibe. The lyrics take you through a sense of being in a bad relationship without any way out. This is particularly poignant in the chorus which soars through your chest.

‘Broken Pieces’ has a deeper sadness that you hear from the first forlorn guitar note. Rebelo’s vocals dampen your spirits even more as things only seem to get worse in that bad relationship. The haunting strings on the song send shivers through you and lead you to the almost whispered vocals. This song has a strange contrast of intimacy with the feeling that it could easily be a big stadium hit.

The EP ends with ‘Deep Soul Light’ which has this wonderful deep rock guitar line in the opening. This moves to almost creepy synths with a slice of Arabic stylings. There is a rolling flow to this song which offers you hope for a breakthrough in your emotions and a new sense of understanding. The vocals continue the light tone from the previous song but have an airiness and positive vibe. This is a very strong track to end the EP on and will stick with you for a while.

Forgotten Garden takes you through four stages of a relationship breakdown on their hauntingly beautiful EP Broken Pieces. Covering you in a synth blanket, the band uses haunting lyrics, airy vocals and some rock guitar lines to paint vivid images.

Find out more about Forgotten Garden on their Facebook and Spotify.

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