John Harvey – Your Truck My Trailer (2021)

Merging elements of folk, rock and some old-school country, John Harvey has a sound that is quite genre-defying. Currently based in Bend, Oregon, the US artist formed covers group The Django Band and Americana duo Jupiter and Teardrop playing at local venues and festivals…of course, when it was safe to do so. In addition to his bands, Harvey embraces a solo project releasing singles as an individual artist. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Your Truck My Trailer’.

Ranging from iHeart Radio to News Break and Testicanzoni, John Harvey is gaining global critical acclaim with ‘Your Truck My Trailer’. Following his charming debut single ‘Let’s Do It’, ‘Your Truck My Trailer’ is more upbeat with reminiscence to Fleetwood Mac. While the melody leans strongly toward the folk/country bands of the 70s, there is a contemporary blues meets pop infusion showcasing Harvey’s innovativeness.

“During lockdown, my friends were all taking their RVs, campers and trailers and getting out of town. I wanted to do the same but being single I couldn’t afford a truck and trailer. So, I thought I just needed to find a partner with either a truck or trailer and we could hook them up. ‘Your Truck My Trailer’ is an upbeat story of starting over…” – John Harvey

Quite a fun and simplistic single, ‘Your Truck My Trailer’ uses several country metaphors to “explore the possibilities of a new beginning”, according to Harvey. Recorded and produced in his home studio, the single has a lighthearted quality with complementary joviality between the guitars and vocals. While one could look deeper and think it was about “hooking up” with someone, the track is really just about optimistically looking at the future.

Melodically, ‘Your Truck My Trailer’ is a soothing single, but it is the lyrical element that truly pushes his message. Teetering on the cusp of intense intimacy and superfluous carefreeness (is that even a word?), ‘Your Truck My Trailer’ is vulnerable with a reflective optimism. In this song, Harvey shows how a simple conversation can be filled with a sincere myriad of heartfelt truths.

Alongside the single, Harvey released a lyric video for ‘Your Truck My Trailer’. Just like the song, the video is simplistic boasting an innocence in the endearing tune. It really is just lyrics atop an image of a trailer, however, the underlying profoundness really makes you consider the words and their meaning.

For more from John Harvey check out his official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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