Freddie Yates – Scratching (2020)

Covid-19 impacts all of our lives in different ways and for the alt-rock group The Vacant it forced the band members to separate. This brief separation resulted in a “bit of hiatus” for the musicians; however, frontman Freddie Yates was not to be removed entirely. Combining elements of electronica, alternative rock and indie-pop, singer-songwriter Yates showcases his innovativeness as a producer and singer. Following the release of his solo debut EP First Sign of Rain, Yates adds ‘Scratching’ to the well-received discography.

The first single off Yates’s well-received debut EP First Sign of Rain, ‘Scratching’ is a series of flowing melodies and emotive vocals building a cinematic soundscape for the wistful. Showcasing the beauty in simple instrumentation, ‘Scratching’ is a well-textured track with an infectious cascading of harmonies from the first chord.

“‘Scratching’ tracks my hopes to find success in the world of music and to make a fulfilling life for myself in the knowledge of past failures and self-doubt. It is a song about wishful, and maybe naive, optimism in the face of great odds.” – Freddie Yates on ‘Scratching’

While there is a mild buoyancy to the song, Yates’s rich vocals add poignancy to the track with a haunting undertone. What I find particularly intriguing, beyond the depth of content, is how ‘Scratching’ finds the balance between brash ruggedness and ethereal whimsy. Compelling and intoxicating, the new single will sink beneath your skin, reverberate in your chest and leave you gasping for breath.

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