Fritch – Do You See What I See/As Starlings Do (2021)

With their dual single release ‘Do You See What I See’ and ‘As Starlings Do’, Fitch move from bleak soundscapes to soaring raw tones. A true showcase of what the band has to offer, it also gives us a taster of their upcoming album Unwire Rewire Rewire. With lush wonder and fierce melodies, they take you through rough streets only to push you in the movement of rave synths and infectious rhythms.

This release is a follow-up from the well-received ‘We Lose Our Cool’ and highlights different sides to the band’s style and sound. If you are in the mood for some gothic tones or if you are looking for rave synths, these tracks have you covered. With these two tracks, the band is letting us all know why they are ones to keep an eye on.

‘Do You See What I See’ has a darkness in the opening that is wonderfully gothic. Project P has provided the remixing on this track and given it a completely new life that brings an eery edge to the new-wave gothic style. You can feel the fingers of the music grasp at you as it tries to pull you under the surface of sound. The vocals reach from the depths to beckon you under. All of this comes together for a bleak darkness that has an irresistible draw to it. The power of the track builds as it continues gripping your heart and pulling you under.

‘As Starlings Do’ has a rolling tone that opens the track that is really interesting. The vocals warble over the melody like a ghostly chill that runs down your spine. The lyrics bring a poetic feeling to the song before the creaking and scratching of the melody takes a more melodic turn. This is done in as interesting a manner as the opening as it feels like you are hearing the sound through an otherworldly veil. You almost expect a ghostly party to take place and you to be viewing the residual energy. This song is very different to the last but carries the same undertone within the more moving sounds. While a rather long track, the changing movements of the melody keep you hooked for the entire song as you feel the urge to move in some way to the sound.

Fritch take two very different songs and have unleashed them as a dual single release showcasing their musicality and getting you excited for their upcoming album. ‘Do You See What I See’ brings its gothic tones to the remix energy of Project P while ‘As Starlings Do’ is a long twirl of interesting melodics and haunting vocals. They both reach into your chest and shake you up but do so using very different vibes.

Find out more about Fritch on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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