Jared Harper – About You (2021)

Are you looking for a single that resonates with the deep longing you have for someone who is not around? Well, Jared Harper has just what you need with his latest single ‘About You’. More than just a song about distant love, it transcends relationships and encompasses the feeling of missing anyone while remembering why you want them around. After the year of isolation, most of us can connect on a profound level with the single.

After a two-year hiatus from music, Harper blasted his way back onto the scene after appearing on The Voice season 18. Since then, he has released a single which received a warm reception. With this follow up, he is blending his mature lyricism with alternative rock sounds and a dash of western sensibilities. This all comes together for a single you want to rock out to while feeling your own emotions reflected back at you.

‘About You’ wastes no time in hitting you with some alt-country vibes wrapped in a captivating rock guitar line. The pull of the music sinks into your chest and draws you effortlessly into the track. There is an easy flow to the melody that wraps around you like a warm blanket. Later in the track, there is a deeper thrum to the music that matches the dip in the vocals. The arrangement of the melody is wonderful as it forms a solid path of music that you walk down while getting lost in the vocals.

Harper’s voice is unbelievably smooth and slides against your ears with a silken depth. Like the melody, his vocal performance has a great warmth as the lyrics detail what he likes about the person he misses. There is a light vibe to his performance which is a wonderful change to the melancholic longing that many other singles on the same topic are steeped in. This light vibe shines through with every word of his emotive performance making this a single you can easily listen to on repeat.

Jared Harper offers a lighter view of missing someone and remembering all the things you love about them in ‘About You’. The single is so easy to listen to from the melodic flows of the melody to Harper’s rich and silken vocals. You are probably going to find yourself adding this track to your favourite playlist or just playing it on repeat.

Find out more about Jared Harper on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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