Daniel Fin – By the Ears (2021)

Creating something is generally a very personal experience and making music is no different. With his music, Daniel Fin explores everyday experiences, desires, fears and needs that are both personal and universal. This continues with his single ‘By the Ears’ that combines abstract lyricism with relaxed melodics for an experience that is both deeply familiar yet utterly unique.

After two decades spent with alternative rock band The Tilts, Fin released his first complete album in 2019. Since then, his style has evolved and matured into an easy flow that is distinct and diverse. While his time in the band has influenced his overall style, there is a unique edge that lets you know each new song is all Fin and nothing else.

The easy flow of Fin’s music comes through in the acoustic guitar that opens ‘By the Ears’. There is a touch of nostalgia in the folk flow of the guitar. This is complemented by the plucky vibe of the melody that has you moving to the rhythm. The melody is packed with layers of instrumentation that are mesmerising in their easy movement. Through the melody, you are thrown back in time to warm days spent with loved ones at a fair. As you listen to the music, you are filled with a deep desire to dance around to it. This is before everything drops for a soft ending of a night that twinkles with the light of the stars. This picks up again and throws you back into the dancing movement.

Through the movement of the melody, Fin’s vocals meander in a rather relaxing thought process. The lyrics move from one thread of thoughts to another yet remain intricately connected. It is a masterful piece of songwriting as it leads you through flickering thoughts, a single experience and feelings of affection that combine in a single movement. His vocal performance enhances the warmth of the single as he brings a light folky vibe to a seriously companionable vocal movement.

Daniel Fin has you meander through warmth and fluttering thoughts while swaying to his sound in ‘By the Ears’. The melody is light with a nostalgic twist to the warm summer day of the sound. Fin’s vocals enhance the easy flow of the track while moving through different moments of time.

Find out more about Daniel Fin on his Instagram and Spotify.

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