Owen Duff – Genet On Uranus (The Story of Us) (2020)

Taking inspiration from Jean Genet’s The Thief’s Journal, Owen Duff tells the tale of a couple threatened by homophobia in ‘Genet on Uranus (The Story of Us)’. Through the single, you are introduced to the couple who hide away from the outside world yet remain defiant in the face of adversity. This tale is contrasted with a nod to how many people do not live in harmony with nature and use up resources for innovation that are needed for survival.

This layered story takes sonic cues from a range of influences due to Duff’s own eclectic tastes. Melding these influences, he creates a passionate soundscape that drips with emotion.

‘Genet on Uranus (The Story of Us)’ has a light folk-pop opening that gently draws you into the soft folds of the music. The light line from the opening continues through the verse and swirls into a billowing flow for the chorus. The strings that soar up from the depths and the horns that swell from the background add a wonderful depth to the music. There is an easiness to the melody that fills you with a lot of happy vibes, but this takes on a slightly sadder tone with the horns later on. The dip of the melody is like twilight dimming a room where you have spent a great day.

Duff’s vocals add to the easy flow of the single as he gently captivates you. His vocals have this smooth tone that you can’t help but get drawn into. Through his performance, you get a hint of sadness that filters through the divisions laid out on the lyrics. While his performance has a chilled vibe to it, there is a lot of passion resting in it.

Owen Duff tells the tale of hiding from division while remaining defiant in the face of adversity with ‘Genet on Uranus (The Story of Us)’. The single has a wonderfully easy flow to it that allows the deeper meaning of the lyrics to sink into your soul. Duff’s smooth vocals rest lightly on your skin like the warm rays of the sun.

Find out more about Owen Duff on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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