Gabrielle Ornate – Free Falling (2022)

Gabrielle Ornate has proven that she is capable of getting us dancing to her grooves in ‘Spirit of the Times’ and looking at the world from a different perspective in ‘Rewrite the Rules’. Now, she is injecting fire into her sound with the attitude-filled ‘Free Falling’. Sticking her infectious vocals to guitar riffs that are sure to get you rocking to their rhythm, the single fills your chest with euphoria that you can’t help but ride into the stratosphere.

With a touch of Bohemia adding to the intense riffs of pop-rock, this super catchy and slightly edgy single will have you hooked. Continuing her quest to create unique tracks for a modern world, Ornate pushes her signature tones to the next level while perching on a wall of synths. If you are in the mood for a single that will easily get stuck in your head, this is the one for you.

‘Free Falling’ pounds into your chest with an intense beat and guitar. The rock riffs are infectious from the first second and have you bopping to the rhythm before you know what has happened. The push of the music is packed with attitude which enhances the vocals. While the melody is packed with attitude, there is an interesting touch as a haze rests over the higher levels. This layering of the melody creates a pounding low level with a shining roof glistening over it. Later in the track, the guitars really come into their own as they fly out into the soundscape and catch you in the movement of the riffs. The drums punch against your brain and the guitars shimmy across your shoulders for the most engaging listening experience.

As you rock out to the music, Ornate’s vocals slide over the top of the guitars with a slick smoothness. While undeniably smooth, there is this hint of sass to her performance that is as catchy as the melody. The stomp of the chorus has you shouting out with her or, at least, turning the volume up. Her vocals are fiery as they flow through the lyrics and fill you with euphoria. Through her performance, your chest is packed with rising energy that offers freedom similar to weightlessly falling. By the end of the single, her vocals will be firmly locked in your brain.

Gabrielle Ornate makes you want to turn up the volume while rocking out to the attitude-filled pumping tones of ‘Free Falling’. The music hits you with the rock energy from the first moment and doesn’t let up for a second. The attitude in her vocals is infectious as she sinks the lyrics and performance into your brain.

Find out more about Gabrielle Ornate on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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