Gabrielle Ornate – Rewrite The Rules (2021)

Using ethereal lyricism within a hard-hitting melody, Gabrielle Ornate weaves kaleidoscopic tapestries with her enchanting music. Combining the sounds of Tame Impala with Kate Bush, there is a certain uniqueness to this indie-pop style which Ornate has dubbed “bohemian pop”. Not a newbie to The Other Side Reviews, we have kept an eye on the UK-based singer-songwriter from ‘The March of the Caterpillars’ to ‘Waiting To Be Found’. Yet, we are not the only ones praising Ornate as she is featured on Rising Artists Blog, Lefuturewave, Yack Magazine and various online radio stations. The latest addition to her repertoire is ‘Rewrite The Rules’.

Standing out amongst the crowd with her innovative sound, Gabrielle Ornate is always playing by her own rules. She brings insight into situations and flips things on their head to create something fantastically new. In ‘Rewrite The Rules’, Ornate once again breaks sonic boundaries touching on empowerment, strength and originality. Using mythological imagery, she elegantly zooms to another dimension with poetic lyricism. The thing is, while her words capture your imagination, the melody aligns with the evocative quality of the track.

Upbeat and jovial, the melodic arrangements harmonically combine dynamic guitars with synthesisers building a foundation for magical music. Bringing a strong 80s pop vibe to the single, Ornate evokes old-school sounds for ‘Rewrite The Rules’. Yet, while I hear Kate Bush, there is a merging of modern-day with yesteryear in the buoyant melody. Moreover, the rules are even further rewritten with transitions from dream-pop to indie-rock. While the song has a swaying melodic uncertainty, the anchor is Ornate’s rich vocals.

Anthemic, intoxicating and inspiring, Ornate pushes us all to view the world from a different perspective and rewrite our own rules to build a more empowering life. ‘Rewrite The Rules’ is something I will not soon forget, and I cannot wait for more from this songstress.

For more from Gabrielle Ornate check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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