Marcus Valance – Yesterday (2022)

Describing his work as “raw, honest and brutal”, singer-songwriter Marcus Valance brings an intimate and sincere sound to his music. As a photographer and filmmaker, Valance works with individuals in poverty-stricken areas of the world and encounters suffering many of us cannot fathom. Yet, while there is a desperation in these areas, he recognises the humility of the people he works with, and it influences his music. Valance brings an intimacy and vulnerability to listeners with his latest single ‘Yesterday’.

If you look on Spotify, you will find this is Valance’s first release since his EP Dust – an album that received airtime across the globe. Now, five years later, the Netherlands-based artist blasts through our speakers with a tender new song. Soothing, smooth and melodic, ‘Yesterday’ touches your soul with its harmonic arrangement. An intermingling of various instruments ranging from an acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano and strings (violin, I believe but don’t quote me), Valance proves that you do not need any “bells and whistles” to make a song impressive.

Although a multi-instrumentalist, Valance proves himself a skilled pianist as the piano both melds with other instruments yet retains prominence. This is not only seen (or rather heard) in ‘Yesterday’ but throughout his work. His classical training pushes through in ‘Yesterday’ with its sophisticated layering and texture; however, there is a naïve vulnerability that seems to come from a less structured place. This way of using an orchestral design in a simplistic way potentially enhances the fragility of his work.

Using a personal narrative, Valance brings an intimate openness to his material making it hit harder with his audiences. A song about grief from a personal perspective, ‘Yesterday’ pours emotion from Valance to his listeners making the heartache within the melody almost palpable. The thing is, while ‘Yesterday’ is a poignant song, its sorrow is tinged with an element of empowering sincerity. A light at the end of the tunnel whispering that you might be dealing with a devastating situation but there is always hope.

“The decision to release this song [‘Yesterday’] was difficult…as it is so personal. In the end, talking about death as part of life…was important not only from a personal perspective but to help others open up about their own grief. I hope you can see the positive effects that this song could bring to people…” – Marcus Valance on ‘Yesterday’ (interview with Fame Magazine)

Heartfelt, sincere and emotional, Marcus Valance really digs into our vulnerability as he explores human fragility in ‘Yesterday’.

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