Gabrielle Ornate – Waiting to be Found (2021)

Gabriella Ornate is bringing attitude to serious summer vibes in her single ‘Waiting to be Found’. Packed with sentimental lyrics, she reaches into your chest to pluck at your heartstrings. The blending of tones and Ornate’s personality slink into your brain, delve into your psyche and will not leave.

The single continues the bohemian pop-rock tones that Ornate is becoming known for. With an edge of empowerment against a blast of synths, she wraps her unique sound around you and pulls you into her expressive style. A sound that contrasts Kate Bush with Tame Impala, she keeps you hooked from start to finish while filling every inch of your spirit with the expressive nature of her music.

‘Waiting to be Found’ wastes no time in washing you with the bohemian tones of Ornate’s music. There are deep almost droning beats in the low levels that bounce you along the soundscape. The higher tones catch you in a psychedelic swirl of coloured feathers and soft touches. It is a rather intense melody that has been softened with subtle touches and easy transitions. Every element comes together perfectly to captures your attention and hold you in place as the vocals sink into you. Throughout the single, the music has your senses reaching out into the world while the warmth of summer dances across your skin.

As you are pulled under the spell of the melody, Ornate’s vocals offer you a path through the soundscape. There is an interesting poetry to the lyrics that bring a touch of ethereal imagery to emotional descriptors. When the chorus hits, her vocals rise from the sea of colours to take you soaring into the stratosphere. Her vocals are powerful as they hit you with the emotions of the track and draw you into the contemplations of the track. While there is a sentimental touch to her performance, there is a greater edge of forward momentum that pushes you to a new future.

Gabrielle Ornate pulls you into a world of psychedelic tones and deep lyricism through the outstanding tones of ‘Waiting to be Found’. The music has an intense feeling that has been masterfully softened to carefully draw you in. Her powerful vocals pull you into the contemplations of the single while endlessly lading you to something new and bright.

Find out more about Gabrielle Ornate on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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