GEISTE – Tide (2020)

GEISTE is taking listeners further down the rabbit hole of longing, self-worth and loss with her single ‘Tide’. Combining darkness with beauty, she balances familiarity with fragility for an intriguing soundscape. The haunting picture of the single is completed by her vocals for a mystifying textured song.

GEISTE has been honing her musical skills for years since she started writing her own music at a young age. Over the years, she evolved from an acoustic act to a more electronic set. With her second single in as many months, she draws listeners into her musical utopia.

‘Tide’ pops to life with an electronic opening that patters against your ears like raindrops. There is a depth to the melody that hints a darkness in the lower levels while the higher tones swirl around you for an intriguing line. There is a burst to the music that lightly shakes your senses adding to the texture of the song. While the raindrop tones continue throughout the single, there is a sense of not knowing what is going to happen in the melody.

While the melody draws you into a textured soundscape, GEISTE’s vocals pull you into the rabbit hole. Her vocals are a light touch over the swirling melody. The light tone of her performance dances across the notes of the melody and burst in power on the chorus. There are a lot of layers in the music with her performance adding another element to the interwoven soundscape. While you are wrapped in the soundscape, the lyrics have you working through loss, longing and self-worth.

If the music alone does not have you merrily skipping down the rabbit hole, the accompanying music video will. Using a watery visual, GEISTE brings the emotions of the track to visual life. A relatively simple music video, the watery imagery works perfectly with the lyrics and emotions of the music. There is a sense of loss at times in the video as flowers float on the water only to give way to a search for self.

GEISTE pulls you further down the rabbit hole for a tale of loss, longing and self-worth in ‘Tide’. The electronic tones of the melody dance across your senses as they balance beauty with darkness. Her vocals are a soft layer in the textured single adding a range of emotions to the song.

Find out more about GEISTE on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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