Gemini Chris – Animal (2022)

Gemini Chris is getting us in the mood to dance with his plucky yet punchy single ‘Animal’. With a touch of EDM and techno, he brings an uplifting tone to our ears while getting us moving to a beautiful vocal performance. Punchy drums and melodic arpeggiators fill this feel-good party song that shines the warm vibes of summer on us regardless of the actual time of year.

His first single of the year, the track showcases his versatility while bringing the electronic style he has become known for. Drawing on his experience as a DJ, performer and producer, Gemini Chris fills our ears with party sounds while showing that he has more to offer than you might imagine. With more tracks to come, he gets you excited for the moving and dancing tones that are still to come.

‘Animal’ bursts into life with a pulse of electronic tones that vibrate and warble against a deep beat. The pulsing techno tones reach into your bones and make them want to bounce around to the infectious tones. The dance beats are irresistible as the punchy bassline bounces you down the soundscape. There are moments when the punchy tones drop for an atmospheric movement that shimmers and glitters above you. This leads you back to the dance beats that have you jumping around to the deep tones. There is no way to listen to this melody and not feel the urge to dance around to it.

As the music grabs your limbs and moves them, the vocals are a beautiful melodic layer. The vocals enter with a light sigh that wraps ribbons of colours around you. These ribbons tighten as the beats pulse through the soundscape and lead you into the chorus. The vocals are the epitome of great dance vocals that jump off the electronic notes to get you bopping with their movement. You can see the lights popping through the performance as the good vibes woven into the lyrics shake their way through your chest. As you listen, you can easily imagine this song being played in a club or at an exclusive beach party.

Gemini Chris pulses feel-good vibes and summer dance tones into your body to get you moving to the infectious beats of ‘Animal’. The music is all pulsing electronics and light atmospheric sights that have you bouncing to their rhythm. The vocals add to the dance edge while shaking you up from the inside.

Find out more about Gemini Chris on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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